Addit Bento® : Designed for the way we work today

Today, we are very proud to present you with the long-awaited Addit Bento® product series: the family of ergonomic desktop accessories that is designed for the way we work today and turns your workspace into an organised, practical and comfortable workstation!

At last year’s Orgatec, we showcased our concept for a new family of ergonomic desktop accessories that was designed in co-operation with Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser. As this concept was inspired by the Japanese lunch box, we decided the name ‘Bento’ would fit it perfectly.

bento concepts by Robert Bronwasser

‘Bento’ drew the attention of many visitors back then and we received a lot of positive feedback. We have put that feedback to good use and have been improving upon the ‘Bento’ concept ever since, to bring it to the next level of product refinement.

The Addit Bento® product series is now available for pre-order. 
(Available from January 2018.)

There is a special page on our website that shows what Addit Bento® is all about in more detail. Want to know more?

Go to the Bento® launch page

Pre-order Bento® products

Bento® is a registered trademark of Dataflex International BV
Bento® ergonomic toolbox is patent pending

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