Bento® ergonomic desktop accessories now available

As of today, you can order the Addit Bento® ergonomic desktop accessories on our website!

Inspired by the Japanese lunchbox, the elegant design reimagines both the monitor riser and document holder into an ergonomic concept ideal for today’s on-the-go work culture: the ergonomic monitor riser is suitable for a wide range of devices, making it perfect for improvised workplaces. While the toolbox, whose design is so original that a patent is now pending, lets you store and carry your tools and personal items from location to location.

With nearly 70% of office workers suffering the effects of poor ergonomics, Bento desktop accessories are ergonomically designed to ensure a healthy body posture whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet or even good old-fashioned paper. The Bento Monitor Risers raise your monitor or desktop computer to eye-level. While the Bento toolbox lets you tilt your device to 1 of 4 ergonomic settings for your body’s optimal posture.

The Addit Bento product series consists of Monitor Risers and a Toolbox that is actually 4 products in one: notebook riser, tablet riser, in-line document holder and storage box that organises and carries all your personal items. And because Dataflex have made maximum use of every last centimetre, the Monitor Riser also serves as a handy storage space for the Bento toolbox!

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Information brochure for your customers

All the customer benefits and features of the Addit Bento range in one place? No problem: we’ve compiled this special information brochure for you to download and then e-mail direct to your customers. At Dataflex we try to think of everything.

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Bento® is a registered trademark of Dataflex International BV
Bento® ergonomic toolbox is patent pending

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