OFML data available for Viewlite monitor arms and toolbars

For years, a large part of our range has been available in pCon.planner, the most widely used interior design software package among industry professionals. As of October, however, the OFML data of the Viewlite monitor arms and toolbars will also be available upon request.

The convenience of this 3D package is that the product information, such as the price, colour and product code, can be integrated with an ERP system. Users can create a quote for their design in an instant. Dataflex will be looking to expand this service in the future, as it is currently only available for the previously named product groups.

Due to the many options and the modularity of the monitor arms and toolbars in the Viewlite collection, a link to a product configurator was the best choice. There is, after all, a choice of dozens of parts and, thus, of thousands of possible combinations. The Viewlite configurator is accessible via pCon.planner and on our website.

A clear selection menu makes configuring the right ergonomic solution a piece of cake. Once you have completed your final design, it is provided with a unique code, which allows you to order your configuration instantly.

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