Our website: New and improved

In October 2015, we launched our new house style and website. We have extensively looked into how we could improve the user experience of our website, and today, a year and a half later, we present the biggest updates since its launch.

Thanks to this update, you will be able to navigate even easier through our site and find what you are looking for even faster than before.

These are a few of our new features:

  • New main menu

    Our main menu has been changed so you can find the desired product with only a few clicks. Various important pages, such as the configurator, are more visible than before. We have also added some explanatory texts and images to improve the user experience.

  • Request a quote with one click of a button

    It has never been easier to request a quote. Each product now has a request quote button on the product card. This means you can request a quote for one or more products easily and quickly.

  • New layout for home page and collection pages

    Through a small adjustment in the layout, products are now more visible on the home page and collection pages. So less scrolling, faster navigation.

  • Monitor check

    The monitor check that helps you select an arm that is suitable for your screens is now more visible on the product pages. You will never again have to question whether you have chosen the correct arm for your screen.

  • Productstatus

    It’s all in the details. As of now, you can easily see whether products are new or coming to the end of the line. Soon it will also be possible to preview new products on our website, even before they are available. You can then pre-order these products, so you will be served first when they roll off the production line.

And these are only a few of the improvements. For our dealers, we have made some back-end and technological improvements; so feel free to check them out! Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Have fun surfing!

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