The Viewgo collection has been expanded with a handy computer holder for thin clients!

The so-called ‘thin client’ computer is relatively small, handy and compact. Compared to many larger desktop computers, thin clients consume (significantly) less energy, are noiseless and, thanks to the centralised IT management, they lower costs and improve security.

Additionally, they enable people to work anywhere, are less sensitive to theft, cost a lot less and last longer. The advantages they offer are so attractive that many businesses are switching to thin clients.

Due to their small size, however, many people still put thin clients on their desks. By doing so, the thin client collects a lot of dust over time. Moreover, the chance of an accident is increased as coffee, for example, is easily spilled. This is why we have designed a special computer holder that is just as small, handy and compact as the thin client itself!

With our new Viewgo computer holder - desk 903 you can simply place your thin client under your desktop. You can screw or clamp the holder in place, thanks to the 3M™ VHB™ double-sided adhesive pads supplied. This means that thin clients without VESA attachments can also be mounted in this way. It doesn’t get more practical than this!

View all the information on the ‘Viewgo computer holder - desk 903’ product page.

Now available.