Vakbeurs Facilitair: Come by and see the developments we have in store for you this year.

Vakbeurs Facilitair: Come by and see the developments we have in store for you this year.

Visiting Vakbeurs Facilitair & gebouwbeheer in Utrecht this year? We are thrilled to announce we will be there too, stand C21!

At last years’ Vakbeurs Facilitair, we presented our renewed brand and our Viewlite configurator. This year we’ll go bigger and better! Besides our main collections we’ll show you 5 new developments that we recently unveiled at Orgatec in Cologne, to which we received great response.

5 new developments

Last year at Dataflex, our focus was mainly on exploring and developing new ways to facilitate ergonomic working in the modern workspace. As a result we can proudly show you several new developments, focussing on improving posture, mobility, acoustics, flexibility, and of course design. At Facilitair we want to highlight the following 5.

1. totem.

Turn your workstation into a private retreat where you can focus in comfort.

‘Totem’ is world’s first solution to address multiple disadvantages of open-plan workspaces. It combines sound absorbing characteristics with increased privacy and workstation adjustability.

2. link.

Empowers today’s ‘plug and play’ way of working.

‘Link’ lets you make power, display, network and USB-C connections to workstation hardware of today and that of the future. It’s simply ideal for hot desking and offices where high-tech is the norm, not the exception.

3. plus.

Sometimes, getting a new angle on things makes all the difference.

Our Viewmate collection is getting that one addition to make it complete. A hassle free, cost-effective, durable dynamic monitor arm.

4. bento.

Reimagined classics with a fresh twist and contemporary design.

Dataflex teamed up with Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser to reimagine a few of our classic acrylic products to suit modern offices. A series of height adjustable, entry-level ergonomics that are perfect for the modern, flexible workspace.

5. Configurator.

By popular demand, we are adding yet another collection!

Our configurator lets you mix and match parts from monitor arms and toolbars to create bespoke products. Coming year, a major style update to our Viewmate collection, will be accompanied by a fully functioning Viewmate configurator. Until then...
Try the Viewlite configurator.

So now that we piqued your interest, come visit us at Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer and discover our latest developments for yourself!

Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer
Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Stand C21
Jaarbeursplein 3521 AL Utrecht

Open January 25th, 26th and 27th.

We hope to see you there!