Value-for-money with Viewgo

The new Viewgo collection is a new departure for Dataflex that shows how ‘affordable’ doesn’t have to mean compromising on style or quality. What’s more, despite its original playful design you’ll find Viewgo gets pretty serious when it comes to your comfort.

It’s easy to install, making smart use of materials to minimise costs and ergonomically designed with a tough steel construction. Where other entry-level products are cheap, our Viewgo collection is value-for-money.

3 reasons to choose Viewgo

  1. Different

    This collection shows how affordability doesn’t have to mean compromising on style or quality. Viewgo may have a young playful design, but you’ll find it a very grown-up answer to your comfort and convenience.

  2. Smart

    Smart thinking costs nothing. Our Viewgo monitor arms reuse as many parts and tools as possible to minimise your costs and simplify installation. A tough steel construction completes the winning value-for-money formula.

  3. Simple

    Compared with its rivals, the Viewgo collection is incredibly user-friendly to install and then adjust to your personal ergonomic requirements. Simply ideal.

Discover our Viewgo collection
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