Workplace with Viewlite monitor arms

Designed for tomorrow's change

Behind the elegant, minimalist look & feel lies a sophisticated design that combines superb ergonomics with strength, durability, attention to detail and excellent green credentials.

With its wide variety of interchangeable parts, the lightweight modular system gives every organisation the flexibility to tailor the ideal solution for their needs, which contributes to a healthier, happier, more productive workplace.

Viewlite monitor arm video presentation

Viewlite has almost endless configuration and upgrade possibilities.

You can also go on reconfiguring the system to meet the changing IT or layout needs of your office and evolving requirements of your business.

These monitor arms are 100% recyclable and 40% of the aluminium we use has already been recycled when we get it. So you’re doing your bit for the environment, too.


Designed to be timeless, tested to last a lifetime

Understated, timeless design that blends in with any interior. Testing by FIRA also confirms that adjustable parts can withstand a minimum of 20,000 adjustment cycles. So your Viewlite monitor arm will keep on doing its job no matter what.

Quick-release system and integrated cable management

Switch between monitors, tablets and other hardware effortlessly, and personalise your workplace set-up. To tidy any wiring away, just click off the ABS cable covers to insert your cables then simply click them back on again.


With almost endless configuration and upgrade possibilities, Viewlite will go on meeting the changing needs of individuals and your organisation alike. Plus it's the world's only monitor arm system futureproofed for both OLED displays and ever lighter and more mobile devices.

World class ergonomics - Guaranteed

Top ergonomic institutes like FIRA (UK) and IGR (Germany) approve Viewlite as meeting Europe's highest ergonomic standards (EN-ISO 9241-5). Quality that we back up with a 5 year guarantee on all Viewlite monitor arms, whether you use predefined or tailored configurations.

Go green, go Viewlite

Shrink your carbon footprint. Viewlite's durable die-cast parts are made from 40% post-consumer aluminium and the entire product is 100% recyclable. So you needn't compromise on quality or principles.

Rotation lock and swivel limiter

Letting you set Viewlite at certain predefined ranges to avoid unintentionally bumping into surfaces or other objects.

Winner of multiple international design awards

Viewlite's groundbreaking design has won numerous international awards, including the prestigious Red Dot and iF product design awards.

Engineered like no other

Dynamic height adjustment using one-way bearings instead of springs: only Viewlite is engineered this way. That makes it easier and safer to change or upgrade the device it's supporting. There is simply no comparison.

Viewlite monitor arms