Dataflex launches cable solution double whammy:

a revolutionary new Addit cable worm design and a hassle-free mounting set.

Dataflex’s new Addit cable worm sit-stand and mounting set introduces a more effective way to tidy away cables and guide them from desktop to floor. Unlike conventional cable worms, the ingenious rectangular design means it doesn’t twist this way and that, but simply runs down in a controlled manner to the ground, where a weighted floor plate ensures it remains straight and stable.

At last: a cable worm for sit-stand desks

The combination of the cable’s length plus the stability produced by the floor plate make the Addit cable worm sit-stand ideal not just for conventional desks, but also for sit-stand workstations up to 127cm high.

No screws, no fuss, no time-wasting

To make life even easier, if your desk has metal supports and legs/traverses, Dataflex are also launching a magnetic mounting set that installs the cable worm instantly without the need for screws. You simply attach the mount magnetically to any metal support under the desktop. And for desks with metal legs or traverses, the mounting set comes complete with a magnetic mid-element that can be added to the cable worm sit-stand to neatly guide it via a metal leg/traverse.

Improvements people won’t even notice

“Research confirms that a tidy work environment helps people feel more relaxed and concentrate better at work,” explains Dataflex’s Erik de Ruiter. “Of course, it also contributes to a safer working environment. We’re convinced this cable worm and mounting set provide some subtle but important design improvements to cable-tidying. Improvements end-users probably won’t even notice, precisely because the Addit cable worm does it job so well.”

The Addit cable worm sit-stand and magnetic mounting set are now available to order.