Designed for tomorrow's change

Viewlite’s many top design honours include a Red Dot and IF award. This collection fits subtly into any office design and continues to meet your needs, even when your workspace or requirements change. You can adapt products to accommodate anything from smaller technology to changing work practices. Also designed to minimise environmental impact, Viewlite is your answer to a world that never stands still.

Viewlite monitor arm with awards


World class design

The Viewlite collection has won major awards because the timeless, minimalist designs fit in effortlessly with the look & feel of any office interior. It also ticks all the boxes for a modern flexible workspace.


Because your technology is always changing: lighter, smaller, more mobile… Viewlite is designed to be scalable, reconfigurable, modular, upgradeable… When the world moves on, Viewlite adapts.


To optimise recyclability, products are designed for disassembly and aluminium die-cast parts made from 40% post-consumer aluminium. You can also reconfigure modular parts to lengthen your product's natural life.

Viewlite product groups

  • Monitor arms
  • Toolbars
  • Computer holders

    Monitor arms

    Behind the elegant, minimalist look & feel lies a sophisticated design that combines superb ergonomics with strength, durability, attention to detail and excellent green credentials.


    A mix of practicality, great design and sound ergonomics. With integrated cable management and made from the same 40% recycled aluminium we use in all Viewlite products. Read more

    Computer holders

    Hold your PC in a grip that never loosens. Viewlite computer holders are tough, elegant and versatile. Read more


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