Dataflex at Orgatec to showcase new products, new concepts and sustainable philosophy. 

Dataflex will use Orgatec to showcase ground-breaking steps its making towards a circular economy, as well as many innovative new products and concepts. We’ll be utilizing every centimetre of our 144m2 stand to share our playful vision of office culture in 2018 and beyond.

Since Orgatec 2016, Dataflex has not only launched several exciting new products. We’ve also taken crucial steps towards a circular economy with LCAs and recycle plans. But rather than just read about it, why not visit our stand? Play with the state-of-the-art Viewlite Link USB-C docking station. Check out the inventive new Bento products. And learn more about LCAs, Eco sheets and how Dataflex’s recycle plan could help you minimise your carbon footprint. Future developments alongside our existing product range. It’ll all be there, waiting to be discovered…

Feeling responsible

Dataflex has made great strides on the road to a circular economy. Embracing the old Dutch adage meten is weten (to measure is to know), we’ve carried out life cycle analyses of our product range that we share publicly. We’ve also started offering recycling agreements to clients, collecting old products and making sure they’re properly recycled.

Feeling connected 

Dataflex is very proud of its latest range of plug-&-play USB-C docking stations. Link lets you connect virtually anything to anything using just one cable. An advanced piece of office technology in a beautiful, slim aluminium housing make it the perfect addition to our high-end Viewlite range of monitor arms.

Feeling honoured 

There’s also a spot in the limelight for our top-seller, Bento. Since its launch in February, this highly personal product range has been raved about by bloggers, vloggers and other influencers the world over. Discover why they’re convinced this hybrid of a laptop stand, document stand, tablet stand and toolbox will in the future be an integral part of any home or office workstation. There’s definitely a Bento buzz out there. Discover why for yourself.

Feeling pumped

Was gibt es neues? (What’s new?!) Well, to be honest, a lot! We’ve been busy enhancing our collection with the addition of several new concepts. Want to know exactly what Dataflex has been up to — and how our product development team got us there? We’ll be waiting to tell you all about it.

Feeling familiar

Even with so much new stuff going on, we’ve not forgotten to save space for our four core collections, each with its own unique value proposition. Together they offer a total ergonomic solution in terms of design, functionality and price. With the Viewmaster, Viewlite, Viewmate and Viewgo collections, customers can quickly and easily put together the perfect combination of products for their specific needs and budget. As the name suggests, our fifth collection, Addit, largely consists of smart products specially designed to complement all four main collections.

Orgatec tours

This year, Dataflex will be part of the Orgatec tours. Twice a day, a Dataflex representative will talk to Orgatec visitors about the oft-neglected area of ergonomics and how Dataflex products help address this important issue.

23-27 October 2018
Koelnmesse, Cologne
Hall 6.1 stand A051