48.903 Viewgo computer holder - desk 903

Introducing a new ErgoDoc® document holder

Does your desk get cluttered when you’re working with printed documents and computers at the same time? Do you suffer from eye fatigue, headaches or strained muscles in your neck when you do?

Then we have some good news for you: our new ErgoDoc® document holder is here, expanding our range of document holders to five different models.

ErgoDoc® document holders are designed to be placed between your keyboard and computer display so that these, together with your documents form a straight line and are at a comfortable viewing angle. This new ErgoDoc® also makes it easier than ever to write on the documents in front of you.

The ErgoDoc® 49.440 was originally made specifically for the German market. It has now become so popular there that we decided it’s time to make it available to other countries as well!

Have a look at the new ErgoDoc® 49.440 specifications at its product page.