Link USB-C docking station now available!

When we were showing people the prototypes, we could immediately see: this is a solution businesses and employees have been waiting for. And now the Link USB-C docking station is available for orders!

Like most really useful innovations, Link is basically incredibly simple — a plug & play USB-C docking station that provides all the connectivity options you need, within arm’s reach on your workstation.

Link solves a familiar problem

Being able to seamlessly switch between workplaces is what everyone wants in today’s world of hot desking, flexible workspaces and agile working. But practice tends to be very different: people having to fumble in a briefcase full of cables, only to find they’ve left their charger at home or they’re missing the one adaptor they need to connect to the external displays. Until now, most people have had to put up with a ‘base station’ ill-equipped for the new world of mobile working. But Link changes all that.

Now it’s just a question of arriving at work and plugging in your laptop and, whatever the brand, it’s instantly connected to external displays and the data network, and charging at the same time.

All thanks to a plug & play USB-C docking station that’s stylish, smart and simple. And equipped with all the connections you’ll need for the hardware of today — and tomorrow.

Easy installation

Installation is just as easy. You can upgrade any Viewlite monitor arm with the Link plug & play USB-C docking station without having to unscrew a thing. Link is also available in a stand-alone version.

Once you’ve got Link, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

Link takes the USB docking station to another level: One cable fits all, plug & play. You can connect to multiple displays, it’s future-proof and it even looks great! Link. If only everything at work was so simple.

Employees aren’t the only ones who’ll love Link.

For IT and Facility Managers Link is a dream product. All connections are table-top, for easy maintenance. There’s no drivers to install. And the wired data connection ensures safe data exchange that (unlike Wi-Fi) meets the high standards of banks and other security-sensitive bodies.