Lower rates and the ins and outs of our product configurator

When we launched our product configurator at the end of last year, we could not have hoped for a better start, with the configurator being used thousands of times already to compile unique products. We are happy that many of our customers see the added value of offering customised products.

As the configurator is so much in demand, we have been able to fine-tune our production process – to your benefit. As of 09-05-2016, the packaging rate of all monitor arms that are compiled using the configurator and need to be packaged individually will be at least 45% cheaper!

While most users now know the configurator like the back of their hands, we see that some still have questions about it. Therefore, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions and summarised them in a PDF document. The most important questions are related to:

  • what the product configurator is and how it works;
  • the packaging and additional costs;
  • alternative delivery times and costs in relation to the standard product range;
  • the advantages and points of attention of the configurator.

Read more about these topics in the PDF. Do you want to know how the configurator works and how your product is made? Go through the entire process in this short introductory video.

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